DIY Design Service

Fast, Fun, Budget Friendly! Our DIY-Design service is perfect for someone who enjoys a little DIY, isn’t in our neck of the woods, or just needs some good ideas to get your project on track. We provide you with a roadmap to completing your space, including a design vision, shopping list, and helpful styling tips!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:

We need to get to know you and your design aesthetic. How would you like to use your space? Who will be using it? Hate the color orange? It’s all in our fabulous Questionnaire.

We also need to know what your space looks like. So, snap some great overview pics of your room, one from each corner is ideal, but the more the better. Next, get out that measuring tape – we need overall dimensions (including ceiling height) of your space. Sketch out a drawing of your room (no judgement here!) including clear dimensions and send it our way.

PS. Have any pieces that you LOVE and must be included in the design? We need pics and dimensions of those too.

Now comes the B word, Budget. How much do you have to spend on merchandise? This helps us determine where and what we are sourcing for you.

Step 2:

Once we’ve got all that info from you we’ll send you a quote for approval. If everything looks good you pay in full, and we get straight to work designing your space!

Next, we send you a Design Inspiration, a collection of inspiration images showing the direction we are headed with your aesthetic. You give us some comments- LOVE that, not thrilled, meh- you get the idea. This is super helpful to the design process, we want to make sure everyone is on the same page. TheDesign Inspiration will look something like this, tailored to your aesthetic:

E-Design Inspiration Moodboard

Step 3:

This is when you get to see all of the hard work we’ve done on your space! You’ll receive a Design Vision, or what we like to call the Roadmap to Fabulous! This is an itemized mood board of all the pieces you need to turn your room from drab to fab! We include awesome styling tips as well, to help you envision the finished product.

Along with the Design Vision, we give you a comprehensive shopping list. This includes each individual piece from your mood board, where we found them, the dimensions of each piece, and the price if purchased through CFD.

Completing the packet of fab will be a keyed floor plan of your space. Here we show you where to place everything from your mood board!

Design Vision Moodboard

The Nuts & Bolts of  DYI Design:

So, now that you’re familiar with the overview of the process we do have a few parameters that we need to work within.

  1. Remember this is a roadmap, we’re providing you with the overall aesthetic design of your space. You may not be interested in purchasing each individual piece on your shopping list, and that’s totally fine. But now you’ve got the dimensions, price point, and shape of what you should be looking for, making finding that perfect piece a whole lot easier to identify.
  2. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to include any custom upholstery or vintage pieces, and kitchen and bath spaces aren’t suited to DIY design due to their complex nature.
  3. We love to help you choose paint colors, but we do advise you to test swatches in various levels of day light before committing to a color.

So that about sums it up!

We love to see images of finished DIY Design projects. Be sure to send some our way or tag @catfrenchdesign on Instagram!

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