Bold Colored Front Door

Does your house lack a certain something from the street? Let us suggest a quick fix – a bold colored front door. There’s just something about a bold, fun, energizing colored front door that makes us all giddy inside! It has personality, and much like the people that live inside, displays a flair for creativity and liveliness. Want to level it up a notch? Take your bold front door color, and make it a part of the palette on the interior. Oh snap! Get ready for harmonious flow throughout your home – elevating it from a mere dwelling to an experience.

One of our favorite projects, the Eclectic Artist Retreat, included this gorgeous orange hue, Sherwin Williams Gladiola, on the front door. Small pops of the same color were used all throughout the home to create warmth and unity. Separate spaces now come together, drawing you to explore throughout the first level of the home.

Colored Front Door Looking to Dining Room

The color is emphasized throughout the entire house in unexpected places. The koi wallpaper in the bathroom is such a whimsical touch! Layer in place settings, flowers, throw pillows, and other smaller items to create a focal point in an otherwise neutral room. If you’re up for a bolder approach, include rugs, fabrics, and even lighting to make a big statement.

Orange Colored Front Door Collage

Ideas for a Yellow Colored Front Door

Not sure where to begin? If your house is already white, you have a lot of options when selecting your new bold colored front door. Is there a color in your home that you love, even if it’s just on a throw pillow or part of a painting? You can take small steps to start adding in that color a little at a time, and then tie it altogether when you apply it to your front door. Consider site lines and what you see when you open the door to make the front door color tie to an interior space.

Blue Colored Front Door Collage

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SPARKLE: Inspired by the Snow and Ice

Seeing heavy snow fall is so magical. We recently got over a foot here in Chapel Hill! Here are a few ideas to capture the feeling of a magical world full of snow and ice to add sparkle into your environment. So grab your favorite bubbly and let’s get our sparkle inspiration on.

Inspired to Sparkle - Champagne

Metallic Tile

Metallic tile adds fun and pizzaz to bathrooms, kitchens, and really just about any space. Boring mudroom? Bring in some metallic tile! It doesn’t take a lot to really make a big impact – the right touch brings that hint of excitement and sparkle that can light up your space and your mood.

Sparkle Tile Ideas 
Sparkling Tile Ideas

Multi color mosaics such as this copper and black hexagonal tile can add so much versatility to your design. I love anything that lets you mix metals flawlessly! Don’t know what color fixtures to use? No problem, you can’t go wrong mixing metals these days!

Metallic Tile with Sparkle

These ceramic tiles are laid in a herringbone pattern and glazed with a touch of  shimmer. Great pattern, color, texture, but not over the top. These tiles could be a great solution for balancing a more masculine, rustic palette with a hint of glam. Add in brass fixtures and this becomes an effortless design #yaaaas.

Sparkle Lighting

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Quality Sofas: What are you really paying for?

One of the questions we get asked all the time is: what goes into quality sofas? A look? A label? Quality craftsmanship? Machinery? What am I even paying for?

Before you even start scouting, there are two big questions that will take you a long way: how long do you want it to last? And, how much do you want to spend? Like with any big investment there is a wide range in price and quality of construction. For sofas specifically, there are a lot of terms used to describe the construction of a piece that will contribute to the price tag beyond the designer label. Sound overwhelming? No worries – we’ve got a quick overview of the basics broken down for you. What you will want to consider are: frame, suspension, cushions, and fabric.

Quality Sofas: Wood Frame - What are you paying for?

Quality Sofas: Wood Frame

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Stunning Winter Color Combinations

Beautiful colors surround us through all seasons of the year, and often it’s Spring and Fall that are often showcased for the most stunning hues. But I have found that Winter can offer the most intriguing combinations – sometimes from the most unexpected sources. Here are a few stunning Winter color combinations to inspire you, along with a little furniture and accessory vignette to show you how you can apply it to your home. See something you love? Give us a shout at and we’ll help you source these items.


Winter Color Combination: Snowy Teals and Icy Greys


Interior Design Winter Color Combinations: Teals and Greys

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TDN Team Holiday Competition – Poll

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TDN Team Holiday Competition: Casa de Courtenay

TDN Team Holiday Competition: Sarah’s Diva Den

TDN Team Holiday Competition: Jamie’s Version


TDN Team Holiday Competition: Casa de Courtenay

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to ‘ Casa de Courtenay ‘. Sorry, there’s no Spanish design influence here, except the fact that I enjoy a good fiesta and gatherings with friends and family. #squadgoals

I’ve moved a number of times throughout the years and have always enjoyed a lofty/open plan lifestyle …because I can see all my cool stuff! I’m a huge fan of buying what you love and making it cohesive through materials and accessories. I believe my friends describe this as: ‘Eclectic’.

For our Team CFD design competition, I’ve decided to show my dream Living Room & Entry spaces. I like to make grand gestures in my space with scale, like this dreamy teal Chandelier and oversize Entry Console with plenty of storage! You’ll notice only one vase in this dream design, but just imagine about five more to be my true reality. Rock on #vasehoarders!

Casa de Courtenay's Eclectic Loft Moodboard

Various sculptural shapes of furniture and patterns like this leather lounger and throw pillows develop my cozy, curated space, (for, you know, all those wild parties I’ll be throwing in 2018). A large, streamline sofa allows plenty of seating while also allowing the introvert in me to curl up for a good read. Design magazines, anyone? I hope you’ve enjoyed my Design Network online party. I can’t wait to see which of our designs are your favorite!

Featured Image: 1

Catherine French Design is a team of interior design consultants based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We have provided residential and commercial services in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Durham, Greensboro, and beyond.

TDN Team Holiday Competition: Sarah’s Diva Den

And we’re back with our TDN Team Holiday Competition, and this time it’s all about a creating a lovely, feminine space for myself. Everyone around here at CFD knows I love the color pink. Pretty sure this is making up for the lack femininity in my household. I am surrounded by sports playing, dirt tracking, smelly boys. 4 to be exact. One day when the bonus room is not invaded by Legos, Xbox, and the pool table, my plan is to have a peaceful “ Diva Den ” (even though there is nothing Diva about me). But one can dream, am I right?

Cat French Design Moodboard challenge

I long for a special spot for me and my girlfriends to gather with a soft fuzzy rug under our feet and fluffy pillows to snuggle up with while we drink wine and chat. The distressed leather tufted sofa in a dark grey is a great base to build from. Because let’s face it, even though the room is “just for me”, the dog (who is the only other girl) loves to snuggle too and we don’t want to worry about scratches. She will feel like the room is hers anyway with the pink poodle lamp that I just LOVE. The iron cocktail table has a nice round shape that anchors the room. Topped by a silver sphere, this is the perfect spot to kick up our feet and relax. The color pallet with accents of different textures warms the space with out an over load of pink. Just a hint is all I need!

Booze Time

Love what you see? Check out my board on The Design Network for more items that I love. And don’t forget to vote for me on Friday! #TheCafeteriaRules #AKAtheBPdownstairs #Cheers!

Image Credit: gif

Catherine French Design is a team of interior design consultants based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We have provided residential and commercial services in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Durham, Wake Forest, and beyond.

TDN Team Holiday Competition: Jamie’s Version

We love many things here at Catherine French Design; shopping, designing, looking at what other designers are doing, dreaming up design boards for nonexistent spaces… you get the idea. So in the spirit of Christmas, we have challenged ourselves to a TDN Team Holiday Competition. The competition involves each team member going to The Design Network (one of our favorite sourcing places on the interwebs) and building a board of our favorite items that we would ask Santa to bring to us.  And since I have recently moved, I thought designing a look for my new place would be ideal.  I chose a contemporary theme with aesthetic nods to geometric patterns, symmetry, and natural materials. There will be a survey at the end of next week to see who wins. Cat has promised the winner a shopping spree up to $15 at the Cafeteria (aka the BP downstairs). So here we go. #GauntletThrown

Living Room

For the Living Room, I wanted to set the tone with a vibrant color and geometric shapes. I went with a Neuvo Navy Fabric Sofa that would be accompanied by a Neuvo Grey Club Chair with Colorful Throw Pillows. I would place a Gold Legged Side Table between them for my beer with a Lime Green Accent Lamp on top.  To give my feet a place to rest while lounging, I selected a Geometric Coffee Table topped with a Gold Accessory because I am told we have to accessorize (did I mention I am the non-artist in the art office?).  I love an arc lamp so I would place this one from Neuvo to reach over a Contemporary Console by Noir  placed behind the sofa with a few Colorful Bound Books and Gold Nugget Bookends.  On the wall I’d like to add some funky Blue Loopy Art and Ameba Inspired Art work on the walls to finish out the space.


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My Next House Will Be For the Dog

My struggle is real ya’ll…I ADORE my dog so much. This photo is of my girl, Zeela, the Vizsla Pit, and let me tell you, my girl has me wrapped. My sweet pup is still in the “what can I tear up today” phase, which can make designing for her hard. So today, I’m going to share my fantasy world, in which my next house will be for the dog. Drumroll, please…


Cute Dog Crate

Is it a sideboard or a crate? It’s both!

Have y’all seen the crates that are also furniture pieces? Every morning I leave Zeela in her crate, because let’s be real, she has destroyed our couch and mama don’t play. While I personally hate leaving her there all day, I’ve heard that dogs actually love being in smaller, enclosed spaces. Now I am not a dog expert, but I do care about some aesthetics. And I could see upgrading her current crate to this adorable furniture piece. As an aside, I would also probably have a TV on the wall with Animal Planet playing.


Home kennel under stairs

Staircase nook turned dog kennel

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How To: Orange Decor

Orange as a color strategy isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. Let’s face it, the color can often come off as a LITTLE MUCH. But you know what? We’re gonna go ahead and say that you should give it a chance. Depending on how you do it, orange can bring a great sense of energy or warmth to any design.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the many ways to bring this lively hue into your space.

Bright Modern Orange Accent Piece

One of the simplest ways to use orange is to let it stand out on its own. An accent piece in an otherwise light and neutral space says, “THAT’S RIGHT, I’M ORANGE. DEAL WITH IT.”

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