Design Inspiration: Watercolor

There’s a hot new trend we’re following – STRIKE THAT… COOL NEW TREND.  Just in time for a vacation we haven’t taken yet, watercolor accents are flooding the market in home decor. Our cups really runneth over with these watercolor accents. Watercolor decor is making us feel all misty. Ok, I will stop now.

Here are 5 quick ways to introduce this look into your home.

1. Pillows – Mixed in with other patterns and textures or left to shine by itself, a decorative pillow quench your couch’s thirst.

2. Bedding – Transform your bedroom into a desert oasis. Is it a mirage? No! It’s a watercolor-inspired duvet cover.

3. Rugs – You don’t have to go to the pool this Summer – just dip your toes into your watercolor rug. I. can’t. stop.

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Queen Bee Needs a Summer Vacation

Cat, you’re cranky. #1, it’s Monday. #2, you are in desperate need of a Summer vacation. I dedicate this post to you.

Flying away to somewhere tropical

Imagine you are getting on a plane. You have the window seat. There are no babies and there is plenty of leg room and finding a space for your carry-on is 100% easy. Actually, it’s a private plane. Let’s imagine that instead.

Summer time beaches

After a just-long-enough flight to be relaxing but not dreadful, you arrive at your coastal destination. There are just enough people, and the umbrellas are yellow, which makes you happy.

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Baker + Justin = GOLD-INN

OMG OMG OMG! I have just met the most a-mah-zing two people to come out of Houston since Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. Who is this dynamic duo? Its Baker and Justin, founders of Gold-Inn Hospitality, duh!Gold-Inn Hospitality Found

Let me set the scene for you. Its a sweltering hot June day in Winston Salem, there’s no parking at the downtown coffee spot I picked for us to meet, and I’m running late. All of this results in your boy sweating profusely during our initial hello. Thankfully, the Gold-Inn boys were beyond gracious, even when I had to excuse myself to wipe off my face in the bathroom. Once my pores finally closed I was able to sit back and get my chat on with these brilliant, sweet, and totes ADORBS guys.

MS Welcomes the Gold-Inn Boys
Pandora's Manor at Sundown
Porch of Pandora's Manor

Not only are Baker and Justin business partners, but they have also been married for just over two years – having met while studying hospitality at the University of Houston. These guys have worked in the tip top hotels of New York. Can you say LUXURY!? It was during a quick vacation in Natchez, Mississippi where the idea for Gold-Inn Hospitality was first sparked. Baker and Justin explained that in the hospitality industry you are either 100% on or 100% off, and it is super difficult for owners and operators of inns to take extended periods of time off. Hence, INTERIM INN KEEPING!!!!!

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Boston Glam- Installation Vacation

YAAAAASSSSS Girl! Queen Bee and me are on our way to Bean Town for a fab and fun installation weekend. Its the big day for our project we call BOSTON GLAM. We’re gonna be styling til our little fingers fall off! Curious about what goes into a full scale install? Make sure to follow along on Instagram (@catfrenchdesign) as Mrs. Thang posts adorable pictures of me from Boston. See y’all there!

Catherine French Design is a team of interior design consultants based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We have provided residential and commercial services in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Durham, Wake Forest, and beyond.

6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Powder Bath

We feel that when you are designing a powder bath bathroom, you not only want to create a space that is inviting, you’ve got to have a sense of humor. Along with touches of luxury, we love to incorporate elements of quirk. Got a guest coming over? Here are 6 ways to spruce up your powder bath RIGHT NOW. LET’S DO THIS.

Powder Bathroom Candles1. A Candle – It never hurts to have something that smells good in the bathroom. Plus, your guests will think you’re rich if you have this Ralph Lauren candle. It’s all about showing that you don’t skip on luxe.


Interior design fun bathroom art


2. Offbeat Artwork – Show that you don’t take yourself too seriously by throwing in some eccentric art, like this framed piece we found on Etsy.

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Summer Hues: PART TWO

As promised, we’re back with more Summer color inspiration. This time, we’re feeling juicy. Let’s take a look at color combinations based on ripe, seasonal fruits.


Peach Hues Inspiration

Just peachy.  Take your color cue from stone fruits like sweet Summer peaches.

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Summer Hues: PART ONE

I’m gonna tell you a little about our mood today. It’s called Summertime.

The days are longer and slower and it feels like you can swim through the humid air. Bright mornings melt into ombré sunsets filled with brilliant, saturated colors. Ice cream abounds.

We’re just really feeling this Summer situation.

Since there’s nothing like taking inspiration directly from nature, we thought it would be fun to explore color palettes based on the best of what Summer has to offer.

The first in this color series? Beach-inspired hues.


Calling all ocean lovers. Caribbean teals, rich greenery, and sandy neutrals will get you in a coastal vibe.

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FYI- New Bern, NC. is the most adorable place on Earth

Girl, have you been to New Bern? Probably not and you have a hole in your soul because of it. This town is the the Stars Hollow of North Carolina, and if you don’t get that reference stop reading this immediately, go to Netflix, and binge watch all 7 seasons plus the 4 part reboot of Gilmore Girls because you have missed out on the greatest television show ever in existence.

Gilmore Girls

Back to New Bern, Queen Bee and I very recently made the short car trip out east to meet with a new client. Not only was said client the most charming person in eastern North Carolina, but New Bern was more delightful than a bottomless mimosa brunch! Cute shops, friendly people, and beautiful historic homes, need I say more?

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Go shopping this time of year and what will you find? Lots of stripes, anchor patterns, and sail boats. It’s almost like everyone is expected to jump on the nearest boat and become a sailor just because it’s gotten hot outside. I’M JUST REALLY OVER IT GUYS. However, I have to admit: the preppy style wins me over every Summer. Along with working the quirky patterns and bright, sunny hues into my wardrobe, I love introducing these elements into my home – and I especially love different takes on the preppy style. It doesn’t always have to be nautical! Really, the key to getting preppy decor down is just this: combine bold, large-scale patterns, a fun color palette, + touches of your own personal style.

So, how can you bring this tailored aesthetic into your home? We’ve put together a set of rooms that take preppy interior design into fun and sometimes unexpected directions. Let’s take a look.

Straightforward Prep

Let’s get this one out of the way first. The most straightforward way of doing the prep look is to layer with bold plaids and stripes. With this combination of patterns, you’ll mostly want to play with neutrals to keep the look under control. But make sure to choose one area that you’d like to have a a bright pop of color, like the red pillows and duvet shown in this lovely plaid space.

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Our Bedding Obsession

Cat, we need to talk.

It’s about your obsession with bedding. Lately, we’ve been feeling like it has gotten a little out of hand. When working with clients, your interest in ensuring that their master suites are an oasis of comfort and texture can be a little much. In the office, it has become hard to pull you away from the various bedding samples that are shipped to us. And at High Point Furniture Market this past Spring, you just made a fool of yourself – ducking into any and every bedding vendor’s showroom and cozying up to a luxe sateen sheet or plush Euro sham.

But to be honest with you, we’re just the same. We, like you, love nothing more than finding great companies to work with that offer excellent choices in sheet sets, duvet covers, pillow shams, and bed accessories. We just can’t quit. And we never want to.

Here are some of our latest obsessions.

Interior Design Bedding Linen Duvet

Parachute Home is a maker of bedding, bath, and kitchen fabrics based in Venice Beach, CA. They are about as obsessed about making bedding as we are in finding it for our clients. They not only use the finest Turkish cotton, they also publish a blog full of sleep and wellness tips from industry experts. Like, calm down, guys. Despite this, their designs have a considerably “unfussy” feel. Natural tones like blush, powder blue, toast, and fog are perfect for creating a bedroom environment that is light and airy. We are especially loving this linen duvet cover right now.

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