A Touch of Hollywood

Give ’em the old razzle dazzle. That’s always been my mantra. Not really. But I do love a classic, fancy interior. After all, I watched all 7 seasons of Mad Men on Netflix and most of the time I was just salivating over the sets and wanting a little of the look for myself. Do you inappropriately fawn over the styles of old too? Great! Here are some ways of bringing a touch of Hollywood to your modern home.

Bringing Back Classic Hollywood Interiors

Hollywood Living

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Material Trend { Marble }

Marble has been everywhere recently. Despite being around for quite some time, this beautiful stone made a big comeback in not only fashion and product design (they make marble Mac covers, after all) but also showed up everywhere in interiors. The luxurious texture and veining of marble provides a richness to a living or dining room and can be incorporated in small ways to achieve a big impact. Bringing this material trend into your space is as easy as 1-2-3.


Marble can be used in all kinda of home decor: lamps, platters, tables, etc.


The products we love:

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Blue is the New Black {Hot Trend}

You know what time it is… TREND ALERT TIME. Color is probably one of the most impactful ways of affecting the overall feeling of an interior space. Whether you’re going for a sense of airiness, edge, energy, or calm, the hues you use can get you there. We’ve noticed a trend this year towards, you guessed it, navy blue. Pushing black out of the way, navy has taken on the role of being the dark neutral we all need. Blue is the new black.

Navy Blue Tufted headboard with navy duvet and sheets

In the bedroom

Navy brings the drama in dark walls, bedding, and upholstered headboards. Restoration Hardware takes the color to new heights with an over-the-top tufted bed.

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Tackling Spring Projects One Round at a Time

Two things come to my mind in March: Spring projects and NCAA basketball tournament time.


A little fun fact for all of you sports fans, CFD is in the heart of basketball country, located walking distance from last year’s National Champions – the Tar Heels, and just a short driving distance from Duke – the 2016 champs! However, if your focus for March is tackling a spring refresh project like organizing, gardening, space planning, redecorating, or painting, we can help you tackle that one “round” at a time.


Round one: Set a Goal

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Hello Herringbone

One of the flooring patterns that we gravitate to here at Catherine French Design is Herringbone. It’s not perfect for every space, but when you have an otherwise neutral palette and need to add additional visual texture, a Herringbone pattern can be a truly lovely and unexpected. Whether it’s in wood, tile, or brick, herringbone invites the eye to wander over the full surface, exploring every corner. It can often make the space seem larger as well.

Herringbone Wood Floors

Herringbone Entry Way

Herringbone wood floors have a great way of showing off the grain and texture of the wood.  The alternating diagonal edges and curvy grains truly make an elongated entry way pop. In the picture above your eye is drawn down the hall and over to the stairs all at the same time.  Using the herringbone pattern on the floor grounds this entryway space and adds visual interest down low, tricking the eye with taller white walls.  

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Bold Colored Front Door

Does your house lack a certain something from the street? Let us suggest a quick fix – a bold colored front door. There’s just something about a bold, fun, energizing colored front door that makes us all giddy inside! It has personality, and much like the people that live inside, displays a flair for creativity and liveliness. Want to level it up a notch? Take your bold front door color, and make it a part of the palette on the interior. Oh snap! Get ready for harmonious flow throughout your home – elevating it from a mere dwelling to an experience.

One of our favorite projects, the Eclectic Artist Retreat, included this gorgeous orange hue, Sherwin Williams Gladiola, on the front door. Small pops of the same color were used all throughout the home to create warmth and unity. Separate spaces now come together, drawing you to explore throughout the first level of the home.

Colored Front Door Looking to Dining Room

The color is emphasized throughout the entire house in unexpected places. The koi wallpaper in the bathroom is such a whimsical touch! Layer in place settings, flowers, throw pillows, and other smaller items to create a focal point in an otherwise neutral room. If you’re up for a bolder approach, include rugs, fabrics, and even lighting to make a big statement.

Orange Colored Front Door Collage

Ideas for a Yellow Colored Front Door

Not sure where to begin? If your house is already white, you have a lot of options when selecting your new bold colored front door. Is there a color in your home that you love, even if it’s just on a throw pillow or part of a painting? You can take small steps to start adding in that color a little at a time, and then tie it altogether when you apply it to your front door. Consider site lines and what you see when you open the door to make the front door color tie to an interior space.

Blue Colored Front Door Collage

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SPARKLE: Inspired by the Snow and Ice

Seeing heavy snow fall is so magical. We recently got over a foot here in Chapel Hill! Here are a few ideas to capture the feeling of a magical world full of snow and ice to add sparkle into your environment. So grab your favorite bubbly and let’s get our sparkle inspiration on.

Inspired to Sparkle - Champagne

Metallic Tile

Metallic tile adds fun and pizzaz to bathrooms, kitchens, and really just about any space. Boring mudroom? Bring in some metallic tile! It doesn’t take a lot to really make a big impact – the right touch brings that hint of excitement and sparkle that can light up your space and your mood.

Sparkle Tile Ideas 
Sparkling Tile Ideas

Multi color mosaics such as this copper and black hexagonal tile can add so much versatility to your design. I love anything that lets you mix metals flawlessly! Don’t know what color fixtures to use? No problem, you can’t go wrong mixing metals these days!

Metallic Tile with Sparkle

These ceramic tiles are laid in a herringbone pattern and glazed with a touch of  shimmer. Great pattern, color, texture, but not over the top. These tiles could be a great solution for balancing a more masculine, rustic palette with a hint of glam. Add in brass fixtures and this becomes an effortless design #yaaaas.

Sparkle Lighting

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Quality Sofas: What are you really paying for?

One of the questions we get asked all the time is: what goes into quality sofas? A look? A label? Quality craftsmanship? Machinery? What am I even paying for?

Before you even start scouting, there are two big questions that will take you a long way: how long do you want it to last? And, how much do you want to spend? Like with any big investment there is a wide range in price and quality of construction. For sofas specifically, there are a lot of terms used to describe the construction of a piece that will contribute to the price tag beyond the designer label. Sound overwhelming? No worries – we’ve got a quick overview of the basics broken down for you. What you will want to consider are: frame, suspension, cushions, and fabric.

Quality Sofas: Wood Frame - What are you paying for?

Quality Sofas: Wood Frame

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Stunning Winter Color Combinations

Beautiful colors surround us through all seasons of the year, and often it’s Spring and Fall that are often showcased for the most stunning hues. But I have found that Winter can offer the most intriguing combinations – sometimes from the most unexpected sources. Here are a few stunning Winter color combinations to inspire you, along with a little furniture and accessory vignette to show you how you can apply it to your home. See something you love? Give us a shout at and we’ll help you source these items.


Winter Color Combination: Snowy Teals and Icy Greys


Interior Design Winter Color Combinations: Teals and Greys

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