DIY w/ D: Oh LAWD your wreath is CUTE!

Ya’ll I love styling for the holidays, from traditional to glam, girl I’m feelin it. This year at the CFD office we have been into a Mod/Scandinavian vibe, so Queen Bee asked me to cook up a whimsical wreath project to match our aesthetic. You won’t find a stuffy wreath on our door, boo! This DIY is so simple I made my wreath after half a bottle of Chardonnay!

Here’s what your ass needs:

-weavers hoop

-yarn (not hideous)

-floral wire



-measuring tape

-other styling accoutrements

Wreath Materials Needed

Here’s what your ass does:

Step 1.

Cut 15-20 pieces of yarn to measure 24″ long, OMG girl you cut that yarn!

Measure and Cut

Step 2.

Drape yarn over your hoop and secure with a tight knot. Now take a sip of wine and repeat for all remaining pieces of yarn.

Attach Yarn

Step 3.

Now attach your greenery to the hoop using floral wire. Snip off excess wire with scissors, you don’t need that mess!

Adding greenery to wreath

Step 4.

Its time to and some pizzazz! Using floral wire secure your styling accoutrements (ornaments, etc.) to the hoop. Be as fun or as basic as you want!
Adding Ornaments and Objects to Wreath

Step 5.

Final touches! Trim your yarn into a geometric point, cause why not?

Trim that yarn to make it stylish

You’re done girl! Got any wine left? If so make another wreath for bae, cause that’s way better than the $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble you were planning to get him.

Happy Holidays!


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