7 Artistically Accented Walls

Do you ever feel like your space has become stale? It’s hard to put your finger on it, but for some reason the furnishings and decor that you were enamored with at first are now less interesting to your eye? Now, there have been a lot of neutrals happening in interiors lately – and this is always a classic approach to setting up a room. And with a neutral base, you can count on switching out pillows, decor, and art to give an area a boost. But today we are looking at one of the more fun ways to amp up a space – paint! You may be amazed at how much impact painting a room can have, especially when done in a fun, graphic way. The home is such a representation of our unique personalities – it is an environment that says a lot about who we have been, and who we are right now. In this spirit, keeping your space up-to-date with current tastes and expressions is a great way to shake things up, and give your neutrals some pizazz.

Many of you have heard of the accent wall. Afraid to commit to a one color all over? The advice was to paint just one wall floor-to-ceiling in a bold color and leave the rest of your walls more neutral. The trend was so popular that Elle Decor even posted an article about it. We vote that you consider something a bit more artistic. Try out geometric color blocking, ombre, or stripes. We’ve rounded up 7 artistically accented walls from around the web to give you a little weekend painting inspiration.

7 Artistically Accented Walls


Here are the details on each:

  1. Geometric Color Blocking | By taping off large areas on the wall in diagonals, an otherwise calm space suddenly gets a jolt of energy – even with subtle and cool hues.
  2. Painterly Pink | Why not let the brush strokes show? Choose an accent color from an object in the room and bring it onto the wall in a light-hearted way.
  3. Two-Tone Ombre | Take the ombre trend in a different direction by choosing two of your favorite colors and blending them.
  4. High Contrast Half Wall | Introduce a surreal feeling by “dipping” your room in a color. Having it bleed across moldings and doors makes a striking statement.
  5. Jewel Tone Water Color | This is a beautiful and nuanced way of bringing saturated tones into your space.
  6. Hazy Magenta |  Somewhere in between rough brush strokes and ombre, this effect has a way of evoking natural landscapes.
  7. Nautical Stripes | This is a clever way of expanding or emphasizing the length of a room. With a black and white palette, vary the line weights for more visual interest.

Have an artistic wall you’re crushing on? We’d love to see it! Comment below with your favorite images from around the web. Happy painting!

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