Oh Lord It’s High Point Market Again: Spring 2017 Recap

Now I’m sure you are all aware how much Queen Bee looooooooves market. Bish could spend literally ALL DAY perusing through fabric swatch after fabric swatch in Textile Tower. However, I need to mentally, physically, and spiritually prepare myself for the behemoth that is High Point Furniture Market.

Dawson Meme

Don’t get me wrong, there many things I love about going to market, mainly all the free food and booze, but I’ve got to say we were super successful this year. Let me give you a run down of the highlights for Team CFD over our four days at the High Point Market.

Ralph Lauren

Some how Queen Bee and I ended up on the guest list for the most boujee and fabulous event in town- a glamorous, champagne fueled walk through of the show room at RALPH LAUREN!!!!!! But it doesn’t end there, this walk through was led by Ralph Lauren Home PRESIDENT William Li, I know I know, so jealous right!? He is a wealth of knowledge and style, wrapped in an adorable preppy package. Plus, at the end of the event we received a beautiful swag bag of goodies, including a giant ass candle that Bae stole for his smelly bathroom.


One aspect of market that I do truly love is getting introduced to fresh, new brands and the creative people behind them. Each market season features new companies that are exhibiting in High Point for the first time, and the stand out virgin for me was Maggie Cruz Home. Her new line is both feminine and fun, with nods to her Cuban heritage, and is totally giving me LIFE. Also, Maggie and her sister Suzette are too adorable for words.


Perhaps my favorite activity to participate in is trolling for design celebrities. I can’t tell you how fun it is to hob nob with famous people, and when I say hob nob I mean cower sheepishly next to a trash can in the corner. This year we bumped into Candice Olsen, Thom Felicia, Bunny WilliamsAND attended a great talk by my idols COURTNEY AND ROBERT NOVOGRATZ!!!!!! Speaking of celebrity, Queen Bee was interviewed by the local news, and got recognized by an Instagram Follower, so she’s basically the most famous person I know.

Okay, see you in October High Point!!!!



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