Queen Bee Needs a Summer Vacation

Cat, you’re cranky. #1, it’s Monday. #2, you are in desperate need of a Summer vacation. I dedicate this post to you.

Flying away to somewhere tropical

Imagine you are getting on a plane. You have the window seat. There are no babies and there is plenty of leg room and finding a space for your carry-on is 100% easy. Actually, it’s a private plane. Let’s imagine that instead.

Summer time beaches

After a just-long-enough flight to be relaxing but not dreadful, you arrive at your coastal destination. There are just enough people, and the umbrellas are yellow, which makes you happy.

Dreamy Dining Room

After you land, a luxury vehicle takes you to your vacation home. You walk into your crisp, airy space that has been cleaned by someone other than you and throw your shoes off because someone else will put those away.


Where I should be working

Wouldn’t it be nice to read one of your favorite magazines this morning with coffee?Β In complete silence. With floor-to-ceiling windows.

Bedroom by the sea

Or take a nap in your bedroom that is basically floating in the ocean.


Indigo Beach Throw

Or maybe head down to the beach with a lovely indigo beach throw.


Yummy Mexican food

There is also limitless Mexican food. Did I mention that? Just think, ALL the cheese dip.

Can't have a vacation without a cocktail

Finally, Summer cocktails appear out of thin air and you toast YOURSELF. Why? BECAUSE YOU DESERVE/REALLY NEED A VACATION.


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