Bold Colored Front Door

Does your house lack a certain something from the street? Let us suggest a quick fix – a bold colored front door. There’s just something about a bold, fun, energizing colored front door that makes us all giddy inside! It has personality, and much like the people that live inside, displays a flair for creativity and liveliness. Want to level it up a notch? Take your bold front door color, and make it a part of the palette on the interior. Oh snap! Get ready for harmonious flow throughout your home – elevating it from a mere dwelling to an experience.

One of our favorite projects, the Eclectic Artist Retreat, included this gorgeous orange hue, Sherwin Williams Gladiola, on the front door. Small pops of the same color were used all throughout the home to create warmth and unity. Separate spaces now come together, drawing you to explore throughout the first level of the home.

Colored Front Door Looking to Dining Room

The color is emphasized throughout the entire house in unexpected places. The koi wallpaper in the bathroom is such a whimsical touch! Layer in place settings, flowers, throw pillows, and other smaller items to create a focal point in an otherwise neutral room. If you’re up for a bolder approach, include rugs, fabrics, and even lighting to make a big statement.

Orange Colored Front Door Collage

Ideas for a Yellow Colored Front Door

Not sure where to begin? If your house is already white, you have a lot of options when selecting your new bold colored front door. Is there a color in your home that you love, even if it’s just on a throw pillow or part of a painting? You can take small steps to start adding in that color a little at a time, and then tie it altogether when you apply it to your front door. Consider site lines and what you see when you open the door to make the front door color tie to an interior space.

Blue Colored Front Door Collage

Blue Colored Front Door Ideas

Perhaps your house (like many) is not white. You can still start with inspiration from the inside, but you’ll want to keep in mind how those interior tones play with the exterior tones of your home. The yellow pops of color throughout the interior in the inspiration images below must play nicely with the old, weathered, historic brick. This is where a professional paint consultation may be super helpful in identifying the right shade of yellow to bring your interior palette to the exterior.

Yellow Colored Front Door Collage

Ideas for a Yellow Colored Front Door

Want to try this but need help in figuring it all out? That’s why we are here. We love paint consultations! Give us a shout at to book yours today.


Blue door 1, 2, 3, 4

Yellow door 1,2,3,4

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