Color & Water- The Lakehouse Redesign – I

When we look back at this incredible Lakehouse Redesign project, we can’t help but wish we were there right now. Life at the lake is even sweeter when the inside is just as beautiful as that waterfront view. With a multi-room custom redesign, this space became the perfect balance of charming, modern, and serene. Transforming a timeless mid-century home- while keeping it full of so much character and joy- was an unforgettable design we can’t wait to share.

The view from the dining room Lakehouse Project - Catherine French Design

Making the Good Even Better

Not every new project begins with a blank slate. We work with many clients who love their homes and have filled their spaces with items that hold meaning. After all, home is a place we make so many lasting memories. But what do you do when it’s time for a change? Whether it’s an update, a re-style, or just a refresher- that’s where we come in. This redesign was about weaving together the perfect colors, textures, and finishes- while letting the gorgeous architecture and view keep their place at center stage.

The Custom Design Difference

Customization is a key component of how we take care of clients, and was at the forefront of this project. One of the things that makes CFD unique is that we offer multiple levels of design service- taking the time to work with each client on what will fully meet the needs of their individual vision, budget, preferences, and timeline. This project started as an afternoon design session, where the homeowner reached out to Cat for help pulling together some finishes prior to hosting a large event. But as we started to transform her space, the homeowner was so thrilled with the result that she chose to continue throughout the house.

Refresh and Reinvent

For the Lake house, it was all about renewal. We were not moving walls, gutting rooms, or planning additions. Instead, the focus was on giving new life to many of the homeowner’s existing furnishings, and bringing in the right details to beautifully style and curate an amazing finished space. Cat said it best in our recent feature in Chapel Hill Magazine, describing some pro tips on how a skilled, strategic redesign can make gorgeous and impact-ful changes within the existing framework of a home:

“I always start with color. What can we do to keep the current pieces and reinvent them in your space?…A design feels complete when there is balance throughout the space with multiple components. Lighting and art to complement the scale of other pieces. Consider all of the different elements like color, texture, and pattern to create a harmonious space.”

Color and Flow

The Lake house is used as a primary residence all year-round, and this particular homeowner also frequently uses the space to host large gatherings of 50 or more. Creating flow within the home was essential, both for enjoyment of daily living and especially for those times when the house is full of mingling, laughter, and connection. Color was at the center of this design, used to create a fluid feel within the classic mid-century architecture. Using a diverse palette, we balanced that sense of movement with a cohesive, polished collection of tones that still brought each room together, as well as tying in that incredible lake view.

Wonderful lake views from the den with new rug, upholstery and throw pillows.

Lakeside in CFD Style

Preserving much of what was original to the home while breathing new life into the bones was just one of the things we loved about this project. The end result was full of playfulness, energy, and balanced with a cozy relaxation- just the way lakelife should be- and, a perfect reflection of this homeowner. That’s the CFD way, and how we build client relationships that last.

Cat French styling the back deck of the Lakehouse Project
Professional images via Cat Wilborne Photography

More to come!

Not quite ready to leave the lake? Neither are we…and it’s a good thing we’ve got lots more to share with you. Come back next week for a closer view of this one-of-a-kind project- we’ll take a deep dive into the Color Story of this design, and also talk about the unique experience and background that made CFD perfect to preserve the beauty of this home.

Can’t wait for next week? Check out all the gorgeous images on the CFD Portfolio Page!

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