Porch Heaven- Part 2

The best things are worth waiting for- and when we put those final touches on this blissful Porch & outdoor living space, we got to do the thing we love most- making a homeowner’s dream come true. In the sequel to last week’s post, we’re going to give you an even closer view of the details that took this space all the way from demolition to the spectacular unveiling. So come on back to the porch, put those feet up, and settle in while we show you all the goodness and CFD style that makes this the perfect place.

The key to porch perfection

An incredible outdoor space encompasses so many key elements. But at the foundation, it’s all about finding balance between movement and rest- making the space a natural part of the home where we can lounge, mingle, and dine our way to the good life. At CFD, we know that starts at the very beginning- with a strategic floor plan. For this specific project, we needed a transition to bring together the house, the screened in porch, and the open-air deck. The solution? What we like to call “the landing pad”. Seen in this photo shot from below, this spot maximizes flow and acts as the hub that makes it all work.

The integrated second-tier deck is both a transition between spaces and a convenient entry point to the screened-in porch and house. And, we certainly don’t mind getting more of that delicious custom stair real out of it, too. It would have been easy to forego this for a simple staircase instead, but when it comes down to that finished product- what a difference the right design makes! Styled-up with a timeless classic bench and the perfect sprightly fern, it becomes a space that just feels meant-to-be. By bringing the open and enclosed together, it’s a blueprint that truly works.

Outdoor bench with fern

Decking it Out

Oh, how we love to love this deck! To us, the deck should never feel like an afterthought. With the right design, it can be MUCH more than just a place to park your grill. Whether you’re chatting it up with the chef or taking some time to revel in the warm sanctuary of the sun, so much time and attention went into making sure this deck was stop-and-stay-awhile perfection.

The unique lines and sloped angles of the chairs grace the deck with style, and radiate a vibe that’s both relaxed and beautifully refined. Each unique piece was chosen to speak relaxation to the soul, even at the first sight. To make it even more complete, we added a spa-quality cabana-style umbrella to give just the right mix of shade and light, as well as carefully placed outdoor lighting to make this a gorgeous spot day and night.

Outdoor Deck Furniture

More than a Porch

Even as this space was emerging in design and construction, we fell in love with it over and over again. It’s a tall order to create a porch that’s both functional and downright elegant, but she’s here in all her glory. Each detail was designed to make it an unforgettable space. The strategically placed segment of screen over the fireplace ushers in so much light, illuminating every nook and cranny of those gorgeous architectural beams. In maximizing the beauty and detail of the vaulted ceiling, we created a jaw-dropping line of sight that lifts your eyes to the sky- lending itself perfectly to that tree-house feeling.

Screen Porch Design

When your eyes land on that stunning gas fireplace? Well, as we like to say in the South- it’s swoon-worthy, ya’ll. The sleek mantle, long-lined pendants, and glossy waterfall of marble at the hearth below bring luxury to this completely custom feature. From symmetry to balance to execution, this design is nothing short of a show-stopper.

outdoor fireplace and seating area

Wine, dine, and unwind

When it’s time to come in and nosh the evening away, this dining has it ALL- just a few steps from the kitchen or the grill, it also merges seamlessly to the living space. Fireside dining? Don’t mind if we do. With gorgeous visuals from each and every angle, it’s a place that invites you to linger just a little bit longer and soak it all in. While clean and streamlined, the inlaid slat pattern and beautiful woodgrain of this unique table enhances every bit of the experience. Spot-on design means every seat is the best seat in the house at this porch table.

Outdoor Dining Space

From finished to polished

It can be easy to overfill an open space, especially when it includes multiple areas. Creating a useful and beautiful flow within a large continuous room takes patience, creativity- and a commitment to finding the perfect pieces, placed with purpose. Softer tones for the fabrics and floor were chosen specifically to keep the focus exactly where it should be- giving full presence to the the elements of light, air, and the warmth of that amazing fire.

Glass coffee table with outdoor swivel chair - Catherine French Design

One of the most important parts of styling this room was bringing interest and variety to the space while preserving that delicious oasis feel. To accomplish this, every item- no matter how small- was chosen with intention. We reflected the long, defined silhouette of the beams and pillars with sleek lighting fixtures and the smooth lines of the dining set. Carefully layered textures, such as the wicker of the swivel chairs and that incredible mixed metal and glass coffee table, elevate the room with an opulent feel. Our little succulent friend hanging out on the mantle brings in just a bit more of the outdoors. It’s as relaxing as it is luxurious – a place you truly never want to leave.

Design Details - Cat French Design

Your Perfect Porch

Cat French

When it come to the final days and finishing touches of every project, we aren’t just aiming for our clients to be happy, we want them to be completely overjoyed. That’s the CFD way, and the reason we love what we do. Thinking of building your own porch heaven? Or maybe you have a space already, but looking for fresh ways to make it work. Whether it’s dreams, plans, or just a few questions, reach out to us!

Want to see more of this beautiful porch? Check out all the images on the CFD Portfolio Page!

CFD would like to thank Cat Wilborne for professional images, as well as Architrave Construction, the contractors for this project.