Back to the Drawing Board: Custom Buildable Designs

Here in the CFD studio, a drawing doesn’t only mean a sketch (although we do a lot of that too!). Professional buildable design drawings for custom home design have become a highly requested service and an important corner of our design-universe. We provide this skill for both clients and general contractors, as well as custom builders. We get a ton of questions about this part of our work from clients and industry professionals alike, and today we’re going to take you behind-the-scenes where we can show you more about what that is and how we use it to help our clients build their dream space. Creating custom building plans to scale, and coming at it from an experienced full-service design perspective is one of the things that makes us unique in the field and one of the ways we make those big design dreams a reality.

Buildable drawing with Structure Plan Set - Cat French Design

Found in Translation

When we’re talking design work, there’s a big difference between redesigning room furnishings (like this project!) and structural design, such as new builds, renovations, and additions. Over the years and years of working with clients who were looking to complete large structural projects, we noticed a theme emerging. Clients would come to us with their plans- and these were important plans, y’all- things that folks had dreamed of and worked toward and saved for over the course of years, sometimes decades! Some would come with detailed drawings already set, but more often than not, that big dream was laid out in their photos, Pinterest boards, and lots of vision that they had put together over time. The question was this: how do we translate a client’s wishes into meaningful, functional design? And moreover, how do we turn it into a concrete plan that is both beautiful and BUILDABLE for their contractor? These were the challenges that needed solutions and the gaps that needed to be filled, and so our experience and expertise in creating drawings began to take shape.

In office meeting with exterior finishes modeling - Cat French Design

Scale it Up

So what is a scaled drawing, exactly? There’s a lot of visual creativity involved in custom design work (Cat has been known to throw down a sketch right there on a table if there’s not a piece of paper handy- gotta capture that design vision!). But for the purposes of making a structure build-able, there has to be scale. That means conducting an extensive measuring and documentation of the space, thoroughly evaluating parameters like plumbing, electrical access, building code, and ADA compliance in order to see what is actually structurally possible in a given space. Then, all of that is translated carefully into our Building Information Modeling software (BIM). This allows you to manually create incredible 3-dimensional graphic images and a full 2-D plan set that shows clients the size and shape of the space, with the correct and appropriate scale. If that sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it IS. It’s a whole ball of wax, y’all. And in order to be feasible, it has to be done exactly to the right.

Buildable Design of Cafe's Interior Elevation - Catherine French Design

Meet Jamie

Jamie Cohlmeyer is our in-house BIM and CAD expert and the mastermind behind this part of our Full-Service Design work. What do we love about Jamie? Well, he’s super talented, for starters, but he’s also very passionate about the quality of his work and getting the details exactly right. Our clients love his personable approach to any design challenge and the way he treats their space just like he would his own. Jamie is also a fan favorite amongst our long-time contractor/builder colleagues, and is a key player when it comes to translating clients’ desires, preferences, and needs into a design that truly works. In addition to other things, Jamie builds designs in BIM day in and day out and has been around the block when it comes to making things work. There’s no question he won’t tackle- everything from those beautiful, symmetrical custom built-ins around your fireplace to things like calculating the ideal flat-screen-to-sofa viewing distance for the perfect game-day experience- Jamie’s got it on lock. Like many people that spent years in the civil engineering industry, you’ll frequently see him measuring, measuring, and measuring some more- the key foundation for building out perfectly scaled design.

Measurements for interior trim work - Cat French Design

It Takes A (Design) Village

In every structural design, we’re looking at navigating the intersection of function, aesthetics, and build-ability. And just like we do in all things, we take a team approach to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Cat likes to call it “the hive mind”, but essentially, it means we put the full weight of our talent and experience into every custom project. Whether it’s a 9,000 square foot custom new construction home, or that beautiful room addition you’ve always imagined, we’re going to put the same heart and soul into every square inch. Working closely and continuously with contractors, builders, and architects has become our norm, and we love the phenomenal outcome that this brings for our clients- because, at the end of the day, that’s what matters most.

Looking for more info on how to develop your buildable design? We’re here to help! Give us a shout at or reach us at 919.537.8148. Take a look at some of our other posts about how we work with your builder or contractor here and here. For more up to date happenings and goings-on of this busy team, follow us on Facebook or Instagram @Catfrenchdesign!

Occupying Wall Space: Placing Beautiful Art

Over many years of looking at spaces both new and old, we’ve seen our fair share of tall walls, long halls, and blank surfaces. Large empty space can feel pretty lonely (especially these days), and even if it’s just one or two walls, it usually isn’t something anyone wants to stare at for an extended period of time. Whether it’s a new build, a redesign, or a session of focused space planning, clients have come to us in all phases and stages for help decking the walls. This is something that comes with the territory of Full-Service Design, and one of the (many) great things about this is that it has given us a great deal of practice in sourcing, selecting, and placing unique, custom wall art. But rather than just throwing some stock pictures up there and calling it good, there’s a method to our process and a lot of consideration that goes into how we make art a meaningful part of the design vision.

Guest Bedroom Art - Cat French Design

See and Be Seen

Art is certainly not the only way to decorate a wall, but one of the reasons we love it is the way it creates flow. You would think it’s just hanging out there on the wall lookin’ nice (and it does!), but there’s so much more to the story! When chosen and placed intentionally, that picture or painting can do a lot of heavy lifting as far as bringing the creative undercurrent of a full-scale design to life. A large piece of beautiful art placed strategically will draw your eye through a space, even leading your vision through multiple rooms. If chosen well, it can also create both visual dimension and depth. Many clients come to us when they need an especially large piece, multiple coordinating pieces, or for a feature in a highly visible area of their home (such as the first thing you see when you walk in the front door, or the focal point of the main living space). But regardless of the size or location, we’re believers that art is meant to be seen and highlighted as an integral part of custom design.

Living Room Art - Cat French Design

Art History 101

If you’ve been reading for a bit, you know that we LOVE to get to know our clients. This is something that serves us particularly well when it comes to working with art pieces. Just like other creative works, art can be a very personal, highly individual choice. We find that what’s on the walls is often a very important part of the design for our clients (and we’ll talk more about why that is below). Life experiences, personal history, and even things like hobbies and professional careers can also greatly inform taste and preference when it comes to what you want to look at every day in your home. Spending time really talking with each client, building a rapport that helps us to see who they are and what makes them unique is how we plant the seeds of great design. There is a LOT of footwork and a heap of logistics that go into finding the perfect piece- but listening to our clients is always the first step.

David Bowie Living Room Painting - Cat French Design

Tension and Tone

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CFD Happenings! Best of 2020, Houzz, and More!

As it has for all of us, this year has seen a lot of changes for us here at the studio (that 2020 knew how to make an entrance, y’all!). But fortunately, as we have continued to focus on serving our clients and giving them the best full-service design experience that we can, we have seen a lot of positive things happen as well. We are incredibly grateful for an amazing team and community that has kept us going through the many unexpected events of the last few months. We wanted to take a moment on the blog here to give some much-deserved shout-outs and share some EXCITING news about where you can find us right now in print (and on video!).

CFD Best of Chapel Hill 2020!

The votes are in, and we were THRILLED to be chosen as Chapel Hill’s Best Interior Designer for 2020! This our 2nd(!) straight year receiving this award, and it is such an honor to be recognized. To say that we love being part of the Chapel Hill community is a true understatement, and we have been hugely inspired and so grateful for each client, reader, follower, and fellow Chapel Hill business who took the time to weigh in and vote. Supporting small businesses is more important than ever, and we appreciate this recognition from Chapel Hill Magazine and each of you more than we can say.

Chapel Hill Magazine best of 2020 - Cat French Design

When we received the print copy in our mailbox at the studio, it was a celebration all around. Right now, you can also access the full edition online (click here!). There’s an added bonus in this feature as well- Chapel Hill Magazine reached out to us and asked us to share some of Cat’s Pro Tips on how to change up your space, including some quarantine-friendly ways to quickly bring in some variety and fresh inspiration to any room. A huge thank-you to Chapel Hill Magazine for recognizing us in their Best-Of Edition this year, and giving us the opportunity to share some extra design-love with readers in this issue.

Cat French Posing with Chapel Hill Magazine - Catherine French Design

Cat Featured on the Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce

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Follow Us to Great Design! The Perfect Style

Today on the CFD blog it’s ALL about that #style. And by that we mean the art of styling, or how we furnish and finish a space. Full-Service Interior Design is a term that umbrellas an expansive scope of work- our range extends from full-house elevation drawings all the way to pillow tassels, with not one thing missing in between. We enjoy each part of the work that we do, and each aspect is equally important when it comes to a phenomenal final product for our clients. Although we’d be the first to say that styling spaces is so much fun, it’s still a big ole’ chunk of work, y’all, especially when it comes to multiple rooms or a full-house design. Styling and finishing is hands-down one of the services that our clients love and request the most, and one of the biggest ways we create that perfect CFD polish. So as we’d say in the studio, let’s style it up!

Spaces Taking Shape

There’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to truly finishing a space. When it comes to custom, full-service design, we consider styling to be a fundamental part of completing any room. Clients come to us seeking a beautiful, cohesive, streamlined space. Even items that seem “small” are anything but- every piece matters when it comes to the overall look, feel, and livability of the space. With full-scale design, we create from the ground up. But often, the vision starts from the top down- seeing that space in it’s entire, fully-completed glory and outlining the process to make it happen. So much more than just throwing ’round some sit-ables, styling is a vital component to great design that truly brings the space to life.

Mantle Styling - Catherine French Design

That Sixth (design) Sense

Even with all of the large items in place (i.e. furniture, rugs, etc), it takes a surprising amount of “stuff” to really make a room feel complete. Styling is a world all it’s own, encompassing multiple skilled design operations. Everything from researching and sourcing each individual item, working one-on-one with clients for each and every selection, and carefully evaluating pieces for quality are all key steps that happen on the front-end. Once items physically arrive for a project, we’re looking closely at color, texture, and scale for each piece and how it will serve the vision for the space. In full-custom design, we’re thinking a lot less about just “matching” (although that’s important too!) and looking more toward creation of a completely unique, personalized space- tapping into our team’s experience, artistry, and design intuition in order to create the perfect inviting and polished room.

Office Style - Catherine French Design

The Personal Touch

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The Right Light: Gorgeous Fixtures & Great Design

The right lighting can change an entire room, from corner to corner. And OH y’all, we have been awaiting the time when we could go full fan-girl (and fella) on some light fixtures! There are many things we love here at #CFD, but the team has a particular knack for beautiful interior (and exterior) lighting placed in just the right way. Including just the right mixture of creativity and drama with your lighting plan can take a room straight from amazing to stunning. In addition to that much-loved follower favorite in the image above, we’re excited to round up a sampling of some of our favorite lighting installations from past projects. So as they say, let’s hit the lights! Join us as we dig into some design details on lighting scheme and scene.

The Good Kind of Scale

When we’re talking design, scale is an integral part of every project. And in our world, scale is a good thing! It’s all about proportion, dimension, and size- and- how it relates to the rest of the space. This can be one of the trickier parts of selecting the right lighting- even a beautiful lamp or fixture can be surprisingly cringe-worthy if the scale is off-base. Part of the design creation process that we go through with each custom design is gathering an extensive amount of technical data about the space itself. We use this along with the client’s dream/vision, needs, and our particular brand of CFD design-brain to generate a plan that begins well before so much as a lampshade is selected. Whether it’s a 3-tier chandelier, elegant sconces, or getting a pair of gorgeous but functional floor lamps that are *just* the right height- we work overtime to get the details perfect. Lighting is never an afterthought- it’s a foundational piece we’re thinking about right from the start.

UNC School of the Arts - Floor Lamps

Elegance and Ambiance

A key question that we want to answer is- what are we trying to illuminate? Good lighting will draw your eye not only to the source itself but can be used strategically to highlight the items you want to take center stage. The chandelier below is all funk, sass, and eye-catching glory (oh, how we love it!). But, it also gives us exactly what we want as far as line of sight. It draws the eye right down to the fabulous Andy Worhol while throwing all the beautiful beams on the dining set. Without overpowering the room, it brings an artistic, incredibly design-forward twist to the beautiful traditional elements in place, while complementing the unique modern accent chairs. Lighting has an unparalleled ability to set the tone in a room- the level of brightness, the composition of light + shadows, and the mood of the fixtures themselves- it can all be created strategically by choosing the perfect piece for the space.

Modern light fixture in Dining Room

Creating the Light Balance

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Outdoor Decor: Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture

When it comes to completing your deck, porch or outdoor patio, furniture is the main event. Down here in the South, y’all know we love an outdoor space! But no matter where you happen to live right now, we’re willing to bet your outdoor space is getting a lot of extra use at the moment, especially as we move into the summer months. A refresh for outdoor seating and dining, space-planning for an existing outdoor space, and choosing the right furniture items for an outside living area have been hot topics among both our commercial and residential clients as of late, and something we wanted to given attention to here on the blog (and, it gives us a good excuse to bring back a few images of our favorite outdoor projects!) So let’s retreat to the terrace and talk shop on some of the things that make for the perfect outdoor pieces.

What’s on the (outdoor) Agenda

When our team is looking at an outdoor space, one of the questions we always start with is what clients will be doing with the space. It’s great to have nice-looking furniture in your outdoor area regardless, but as we’re strategize-ing how to bring in some design TLC, functionality is always at the top of our minds. If you love to lay out on a chaise chair but you have no desire to serve meals outside, there’s not much reason to have a big outdoor dining table that will sit unused. From both a space and budget standpoint, we always emphasize what will be used and enjoyed the most, and let those items take center stage. If you’re going to splurge on certain pieces of furniture, this is where you want to do it- those work-horse items that will garner all the wear-and-tear that naturally comes along with well-loved pieces. Thinking about how you will spend your time outside and what brings you that outdoor-joy is a great place to start.

Backyard styling - By Cat French Design

Space and Place

One thing we see often with outdoor spaces is that they can be a challenge to organize. Sometimes the unintentional result is that a lot of random things get parked out there (we’ve all done it!). From couches to tables to storage- there’s a strong temptation to try to cram everything into one place. But, we know from a lot of experience that a crowded feel or having to constantly move things around whenever you go out there can be a big drain on time and energy. And let’s face it- if it’s not an enjoyable place to be, it won’t get used. Defining the areas is a good way to think about what furniture you will need, and what will serve you best in the space. This is where we see a lot of clients come to us for help. Deciding on the best type of furniture and doing some strategic planning goes a very long way to making the space functional + enjoyable. Do you want a full outdoor living area, complete with couches? Or, do you need slimmer profile seating and attractive toy storage areas for your young family? We love digging into the creative work of solving the functional problems and finding beautiful pieces that meet every need.

Cozy Screen Porch Furniture - By Cat French Design

Turning Tables (and chairs)

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Market and Moss! The Big Update – Part II

If you’ve been following for a bit, you know that we have been working on a completely novel and unique commercial design project for Market and Moss, a brand new restaurant located right here in Southern Village (if you’re catching up, read our first update here!). This Chapel Hill eatery, a new concept kitchen by local entrepreneur Annie Johnston, has been in the works and slated to open later this year. Even though there have certainly been some unexpected circumstances over the last few months, we have been able to safely continue progressing toward the complete renovation of the space, and it’s looking amazing, y’all! Read along below for a full update on how things are coming together in this beautiful space!

Creative Commercial Design

We’ve been talking a bit lately on the blog about our work in Commercial Design. Here at CFD, we have been very fortunate to also work with Annie on another incredible Chapel Hill eatery, the beloved coffee spot and cafe LaVitaDolce. Of the many things we love about her, Annie has phenomenal taste, creative style, and a business drive that truly inspires. Aligning with her vision and dream for this new restaurant, we have worked closely with her for months to create a truly inventive, unique space. It’s a concept that you won’t find anywhere else- the product of Annie’s business acumen combined with a whole lot of CFD design innovation, out-of-the-box thinking, and that little dash of the unexpected that keeps things interesting.

Updated bar area with copper accents - Cat French Design

The Right Angles

At the time of our last update, all of the tile work was being completed (and oh my, does it look amazing!). One of the major tasks-to-be-tackled since then has been the completion of the interior painting. Seeing the full-color story coming together has been a sight to behold. The custom palette created for Market and Moss is distinctive, and meant to showcase every part of the restaurant with a look that is sophisticated and memorable. This space has a great deal of custom trim and woodwork on the walls throughout, and for us, that means there’s all the more room for creativity. Elevating the visual interest with color and contrast while playing up the angles and curves of the woodwork lets the color pop even more vibrantly, making the space feel full of life already.

New stamped tin ceiling tiles - Cat French Design

Trades in Spades

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Commercial Design: Creating Business Interiors that Work

For us here at CFD, Commercial Design is all about helping business owners and supporting our local economy. Commercial Design is a key part of our own business here at the studio, and today we’re giving it the spotlight on the blog. Right from the start, businesses of all shapes and sizes have come to CFD looking for help creating a more functional, beautiful, usable space. Whether it’s employees or customers, commercial spaces are places where people spend a great deal of time, and where so much important connection happens- and to us, that means great design is in order. From enhancing productivity to elevating customer appeal, we believe that workspaces should work hard to make the business the best that it can be.

Concept and Commercial Design

Work and consumer culture, and subsequently commercial spaces, have gone through a lot of transition over the last few decades. From individual offices and millions of half-walls to wide-open plans to multi-use spaces- there has been a whirlwind of evolving trend. Even if we think of restaurants years ago with the maze of individual booths and tables versus the scene we see now in local eateries, it’s a noticeable renaissance. That progression provides an opportunity for so much creativity in re-thinking the status quo and designing purposeful spaces that truly WORK. Every business is unique and we know that with each custom space that we design, getting to know the business, their team, and their customers, is the first building block to creating their perfect space.

Commercial Office Design in Raleigh - Cat French Design

When Commercial Gets Custom

No doubt, we’re all familiar with the Office Space-esque rows of identical cubicles or the blank feel of lengthy store aisles. One of the great parts of working with business owners is that we get to create custom spaces that are novel, unique, and strategic. In other words, it’s designed to fit what that business is actually doing in the day-to-day. There is no one-size-fits-all approach in our process, and this helps us to create spaces that foster identity, teamwork, and maximize consumer appeal. We’re thinking about every inch of that space and how it impacts everyone inside- whether they’re working, shopping, eating, or meeting. When we’re getting to know a business owner, we’re talking about not just immediate needs, but also their goals, vision, and plans for where they want the business to go, so that we can create a space that will help them get there and showcases their brand.

Restaurant Design in Chapel Hill - Cat French Design

Wearing many (hard) Hats

We’ve talked a little bit before in this post about Full-Service Design and what that means for us at CFD. This plays a huge role in our work with businesses. We are often working with teams of folks in the business itself, from C-level execs to committees to advisory boards- as well as contractors and a huge variety of other tradespeople. Communication is crucial when we’re looking at a large-scale space and scope. Project management? We’re on it- that’s one of the many hats we wear. Timeline, prioritization, and operating closely with installers and vendors across all types of projects has become our wheelhouse over the years. These are relationships that matter, and with each new project, we work hard to establish that “dream team” of professionals who work closely together and share the same common goal of making an incredible outcome for the client and space.

Commercial Residential Design in Carrboro - Cat French Design

Working Smarter

Everyone enjoys a space that is beautiful (us included!) but Commercial Design is about SO much more than just looks. Function is always important, but is even more critical in a space that needs to be primed for productivity. For example, when we’re looking at spaces like restaurants or retail stores, we’re mapping out every move that employees and customers are making in the space- what is the flow of movement and how can we streamline it to enhance business objectives? Capacity, code, and materials that will stand up to constant use are critical touchpoints in the process. We’re also looking strategically at aesthetics- and everything that meets a customer’s eye is considered, from the lighting to the color scheme, all the way to the cash wrap- every part matters. If you’re thinking this sounds like a whole lot of work and planning- you’re right. But if it means a space where business can thrive, then it’s well worth the front-end effort to get that design exactly right.

Office Space Design in Durham - Cat French Design

Dynamic Design

Places where employees gather, such as conference rooms and offices and even that gorgeous CEO suite, are more than just a box with a desk. Smart and strategic Commercial Design can create an environment that promotes the things you want- whether that’s a space that is inspirational and creative, quiet and relaxed, busy and vibrant- there is a great deal of theory and precision that a skilled, experienced design team can bring to the table. Believe it or not, great design can create spaces that encourage communication, collaboration, and relationship-building while also enhancing individual productivity. Businesses are far from static; things are always moving and changing (and growing!) and dynamic design is one of the ways we create spaces that adapt to change and stand the test of time.

Executive Suite Design in Chapel Hill - Cat French Design

Cat was recently featured on an expert discussion for the Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce discussing how businesses can adjust space and design to ensure employee health safety at work (lookout for more on this via our Instagram!).

We love helping business owners create incredible spaces. Check out some of our past commercial design projects on the CFD Portfolio Page, as well as the CFD blog! If you’d like to know more about our Commercial Design Services, you can always reach us at or via the short form on our Contact Page. For more up-to-date happenings and goings-on of the CFD team, check out our Facebook Page or follow us on Instagram @catfrenchdesign!

Paint by Design: Creating your Custom Palette

When it’s time to paint the interior of your home or business, there’s more than meets the eye as far as choosing colors. We’ve probably all been in the same situation a time or two- you go into the paint store with a firm idea of what you’d like….but as your eyes scan the millions of *slightly* different little sample squares, they start to swim and blend together (who knew there were THAT many different kinds of white, anyhow?). Creating a beautiful, unique, and streamlined color story in your home can be a huge task, and if the wall color conundrum has ever happened to you… well, you’re not alone. In fact, help with paint colors is one of the most popular requests we get around here, and it’s one of our favorite ways to help clients create a beautiful home.

The Best of What’s Around

Paint on the walls seems like a fairly straightforward thing, but wow y’all, it can make a huge impact on how every item in your home looks. Think of it this way- the tone of the walls will bring out certain colors in everything- from the furniture to the artwork to the rugs and even to the trim. That painting you love that you’ve built your living room around can look completely different when it’s set in a freshly painted room. Because it’s covering such a large area and has so much presence in any given room, the paint color will pull out tones from everything- and you want to make sure they’re the right ones. Considering carefully which colors you want to be highlighted from your existing items can go a long way toward making it all work.

Interior Paint color selection - Cat French Design

Listening to the Light

We all know that colors can look different in lighter spots vs. dark. But when it comes to the play of light on your wall colors, this is actually a pretty deep well. Most folks have windows that face in different directions, meaning they will get different types of sunlight at different times of the day. But even more than that, light coming from different directions (i.e. Eastern versus Southern, etc) can also completely change the way a color appears. It would seem that more light would always make colors appear brighter but that’s often not the case- sunlight can transform color to everything from super-saturated to completely washed out depending on the strength and direction. Considering how a space will look at all times of the day and the way that light will play on a hue can make the difference between “it looked great on the sample” to a tone that truly works and goes the distance in your space.

How to make all of the paint colors balance in a space

What’s Time Got to Do With It

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Flora and Decor(a)! Adding house plants to your home

We’ve got big feels for house plants over here- and for good reason! They’re the accessible, affordable, mood-lifting-and-brightening addition to your home that never gets old. There’s something undeniably cheerful (and often comforting) about having some green-life hanging around. Whether you’re a long time plant lover or just thinking about making the leap into plant-hood, one thing is for certain- plant people are on to something, and today we’ll dive into why and how those loveable green babies can add so much to your space.

Love at First Sprout

Interestingly, it turns out that the age-old human affinity for flora is more than just preference. That little succulent on the counter or windowsill herb garden could be doing much more than you think. In fact, there’s a whole field of study devoted to the science behind “biophilic design”, which means, how greenery and natural elements in our spaces positively impact our minds (read a bit about it here!). No doubt you’ve also heard the old adage “dirt therapy”, the long-time catch phrase born out of the happiness that comes from caring for plant life. Folklore? Maybe not- there’s some pretty fascinating data for this as well. But regardless of the underlying reason, bringing the outside in is a great way to add beauty and vibrancy to any room.

Follow the Light

With a few exceptions, most indoor plants still need a LOT of light- usually more than we might think. There’s nothing more demoralizing than bringing home that beautiful plant baby…and seeing it meet its unfortunate demise within a week. So to keep them healthy and happy, a good way to start is to take a big-picture look at your space and see where the light is. If possible, arrange it so that plants can be right next to a window that gets direct sunlight for at least half of the day. If you’re looking for a plant to go specifically in a lower-light spot, consider the zz plant or a spider plant, which have a much better track record away from direct sun. Also, be open to letting the plants travel a bit- i.e., maybe that plant hangs out on your desk some days, and then it spends a couple of days right by your sun-drenched patio door. Just like us- the flora can also enjoy variety and a change of scenery.

Shape it Up

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