Finalist for Micro-Enterprise Business of the Year! {BEA’s}

All the glitz and glam, and this tiny little bee made for an incredible evening for the CFD team. A few years ago when Cat had the vision of starting her own interior design business, she never dreamed in just a short amount of time her success would be honored in the community like it was last Friday night! The BEA, Business Excellence Award, is actually a literal adorable little bee, but represents so much more. The BEA’s are given to the top businesses in the are through the Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce, in several different categories. Though we did not win the cute little bee, being a finalist was a huge deal to Cat and the team. Dozens of companies were nominated, but only three were selected to be a finalist by a team of panelist’s, based growth, community involvement, team members and many other things. The red carpet event included some of the area’s top business owners and it was an honor to just be among them!

Micro-Enterprise BEAs

Catherine French Design was nominated in the Micro-Enterprise Business of the year category. How cool is that? There are hundreds of awesome businesses in our community! The recognition is beyond anything we could have hoped for. Truly truly an honor to be at the ceremony. Thank you to all of our amazing clients that help us continue to grow and be able to receive such recognition. We truly love what we do and love to serve our community.

Business Excellence Awards

Photos by Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce

Catherine French Design is a team of interior design consultants based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We have provided residential and commercial services in North Carolina and along the Eastern Seaboard.

Eco-Friendly Furniture {Guide}

Living in a Chapel Hill, we have several clients that are often interested in sustainable, eco-friendly products.  Finding truly eco-friendly products especially while searching for higher end furniture can send you down a never ending rabbit hole.  There is a ton of talk about being environmentally friendly, but how much is just that, talk?  We found that we can sort eco-friendly furniture by first reviewing the following 5 criteria.

 Sustainable Wood

Does the company use Forest Stewardship Council®wood? FSC® is a great non-profit group which certifies wood sources that are implementing best practices for sustainable wood harvesting.  Some of the more sustainable wood sources are White Ash, Black Cherry, Mango, Mahogany, Maple, and White Oak.  Some bamboo is sustainable, but depending on where it is grown bamboo can be harvested in a way to aiding in deforestation and can have elevated uses of pesticides and fertilizer.  If you want eco-friendly bamboo make sure to see if that product is FSC®  or Rainforest Alliance certified.

Eco-Friendly Cushion Materials

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Style with Botanicals {How to}

Greenery is one of my favorite ways to add a special touch to any space. Botanicals are great fillers not to mention the pop color is an added touch! Not quite sure how to do it? There are a few things to keep in mind:


Are you good with plants? I do not have a green thumb at all! Here are some plants that can handle a little bit of neglect if you are more like me.

Snake plant. These are one of the easiest to take care of..or not take care of. Snake plants love to be potted, they can go up to two weeks without water, and the length of their leaves and pattern make an esthetically pleasing touch. Transfer these guys into a colorful pot and you have an easy decorating fix!

Pathos. Growing up, my mom had these everywhere throughout the house. In a large pot they can continue to grow like crazy. In confined pots, they tend to stop at about 6 or so feet long. Pathos drape so beautifully and are so easy to maintain. An added benefit, these vine plants have a reputation for purifying the air.  Throw one of these on a top shelf or cabinet and no need to add trinkets, just watch the greenery spread.

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Rose Gold Room Accents {How to}

Rose Gold seems to be everywhere these days. Whether it’s an iPhone, jewelry, or finger nail polish.  You just can’t walk out in public without seeing little hints of it all over.  This coppery gold metal just looks amazing in so many places including your home and we want to show you just how to pull off pulling a little bit of rose gold into your space.

Rose Gold Accent Tables

Metallic accent tables are always a great way to bring in a new material to a space and help tie it together with other decor. The rose gold frames of these tables provide wonderful color and sheen without dominating a the space.  This is not a material that is often used to take over the look, however, it is a fantastic accent bringing in unique warmth thats softens the space unlike any other metal.


Rose Gold Accent Side Table


Decor and Accents

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5 Colorful Kitchens We Love [instagram]

Navy and gray cabinets appear in kitchens all over the places and seem to be all the rage these days. Below are a few kitchens we found on Instagram that we thought you might love. We think updating your kitchen to something like one these will make your home feel fantastic.  Hopefully, 1 of these 5 kitchens are going to provide you some wonderful inspiration kick starting your project.


First, it is hard to go wrong with navy shaker cabinets, quartz counter tops and gold hardware.  Top it off with large scale pendants, oversized island, herringbone floors, funky bar stools and you have yourself a kitchen that makes your friends jealous.


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A Touch of Hollywood {Style Guide}

Give ’em the old razzle dazzle. That’s always been my mantra. Not really. But I do love a classic, fancy interior. After all, I watched all 7 seasons of Mad Men on Netflix and most of the time I was just salivating over the sets and wanting a little of the look for myself. Do you inappropriately fawn over the styles of old too? Great! Here are some ways of bringing a touch of Hollywood to your modern home.

Bringing Back Classic Hollywood Interiors

Hollywood Living

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Material Trend { Marble }

Marble has been everywhere recently. Despite being around for quite some time, this beautiful stone made a big comeback in not only fashion and product design (they make marble Mac covers, after all) but also showed up everywhere in interiors. The luxurious texture and veining of marble provides a richness to a living or dining room and can be incorporated in small ways to achieve a big impact. Bringing this material trend into your space is as easy as 1-2-3.


Marble can be used in all kinda of home decor: lamps, platters, tables, etc.


The products we love:

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Blue is the New Black {Hot Trend}

You know what time it is… TREND ALERT TIME. Color is probably one of the most impactful ways of affecting the overall feeling of an interior space. Whether you’re going for a sense of airiness, edge, energy, or calm, the hues you use can get you there. We’ve noticed a trend this year towards, you guessed it, navy blue. Pushing black out of the way, navy has taken on the role of being the dark neutral we all need. Blue is the new black.

Navy Blue Tufted headboard with navy duvet and sheets

In the bedroom

Navy brings the drama in dark walls, bedding, and upholstered headboards. Restoration Hardware takes the color to new heights with an over-the-top tufted bed.

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Tackling Spring Projects One Round at a Time

Two things come to my mind in March: Spring projects and NCAA basketball tournament time.


A little fun fact for all of you sports fans, CFD is in the heart of basketball country, located walking distance from last year’s National Champions – the Tar Heels, and just a short driving distance from Duke – the 2016 champs! However, if your focus for March is tackling a spring refresh project like organizing, gardening, space planning, redecorating, or painting, we can help you tackle that one “round” at a time.


Round one: Set a Goal

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